Frequently Asked Questions

Information You Need to Know For a Successful Project!

Q. Where do the wreaths come from?

A. The wreaths are handmade in northern Wisconsin especially for fundraising projects. This year over 300,000 wreaths will be made and sold by the Wisconsin supplier.

Q. What are the wreaths made of?

A. The wreaths are handmade from live balsam boughs woven together with wire onto a steel frame. The wreaths are decorated with tinted pine cones and have an all weather velvet bow appropriately placed. A hanging wire is secured to the steel frame.

Q. How many wreaths can we expect to sell?

A. The average group sells over 200 wreaths. There are groups in Wisconsin that have been involved with this project for many years that average over 1,200 wreath orders each year.

Q. How successful was the project last year?

A. Very successful! The average mark-up per wreath is 50%. The average group earned over $1,000 in profit. Thousands of wreaths decorated homes and businesses.

Q. Who can we sell these wreaths to?

A. Anyone! The wreaths are ideal for homes and businesses.

Q. Why is there no money up front? This sounds too good to be true.

A. Your Distributor has obtained an open credit line with the supplier for nonprofit groups. Since they have an open account, so do you. It is also easier to pre-sell the wreaths when no money is required until the product is delivered.

Q. Is there still room for more expansion of this project?

A. Yes, there are plenty of orders waiting for your group. Last year, groups in Milwaukee (metro population of 1,500,000) sold 200,000 wreaths. In our market area, we have not reached those types of numbers just yet. The rapid penetration of our market area by groups like yours has begun and now is the time for you to become part of that growth.

Q. Do Boy Scout Councils support this project?

A. No. This is not a Boy Scout Council function as Councils cannot promote any commercial fundraising project. However, many Boy Scout Units have been participating in this project for many years.

Q. When must we turn in our order?

A. Your Distributor must have your order no later than the date listed on the inside back of the brochure's cover. Please get your order in early. Your Distributor must have a ballpark estimate of the size of your order by October 30th so that wreath production can be scheduled.

Q. How do we place our final order?

A. Your Distributor will provide you with a standard order form designed for this wreath project. The purchase order must be signed by your group leader and another adult member of your group.

Q. When and where do we turn in our money?

A. You must have your payment into your Distributor no later than the date listed on the inside back cover of this brochure.

Q. Where and when do we get our wreaths?

A. The wreaths will be delivered to the area by the first weekend of December. Arrangements are being made to secure a central distribution point. Your Distributor will inform you directly as to when and where to pick up your wreaths.

Q. Should our customers do anything special to keep the wreaths fresh?

A. If the wreath is kept indoors, it is recommended that every other day the wreath be lightly sprayed with water. Outside, these wreaths have been known to last in the cold weather for several months without any special care.

Q. When do the sales order sheets become available?

A. The order sheets will be available by the first of September from your Distributor. Please let them know how many order sheets you will need.

Q. How many sales order sheets will we need?

A. Each order sheet has space for 15 orders. Each member (adult and youth) of your group will need their own order sheet (be sure to write their name and your group name on the order sheet). It is recommended that you order some extra sheets because you will have some members filling up two or more order forms.

Q. Why should we use the sales order sheets?

A. The wreath sales order sheet is especially designed to help you with your wreath sales. It has beautiful color pictures of the wreath products for you to show to your prospects. The back side of the sheet is the place to write down the orders. When the wreaths are delivered, the member will use the sales order sheet as their reference source as to whom the wreaths are to be delivered and how much money to collect. It is recommended that the group's leader keep the order sheet between the time the wreaths are ordered and availability for delivery. When the member turns in the collected money, it is advisable to once again collect the order sheet so that it will be available the following year as a reference source for reorders.

Q. What is the 20" mail order wreath?

A. Your customers are able to send a wreath as a gift anywhere in the United States (including APO addresses). The sales order sheets are designed to accommodate this item. The price includes a specially decorated 20" wreath (velvet-like ribbon, red berries, cones), boxing, freight, and handling. The mail order wreaths are shipped out of Wisconsin the first week of December (U.P.S.). A complete address, including Zip codes is required by U.P.S. for both sender and receiver.

Q. What is the Floral Centerpiece?

A. This florist quality item is made of fresh balsam and pine. It has a textured fabric plaid bow, clad in gold. It is topped with a beautiful red Christmas candle and accented with frosted cones and bright red holly berries. It is arranged in a floral foam block and set in a dish for easy watering. It is approximately 15" in diameter and 12" high. It will complement any table or mantel. The Floral Centerpiece can either be sent by mail order directly to an address, or hand delivered with your regular wreath order.

Q. What is an 18" or 27" Christmas Tree?

A. This florist quality item is made of fresh balsam. It is adorned with real cones, clustered red festive holly berries and topped with a beautiful red velvet bow. The trees are fresh, full, and proportioned beautifully. They do require watering of the floral foam to keep the tree fresh through your entire holiday season. The items are boxed. They come in either 18" or 27" sizes.

Q. What is a Florist Quality 24” Boxed Wreath?

A. This florist quality beauty comes in a box, delivered with your regular order. Because of boxing the wreath will be as beautiful as the day it’s made. Fragrant balsam, cedar, white and red pine adds to this eye catcher. The wreath is topped off with a gold spray behind the velvet bow.

Q. Can we order more wreaths than we presell?

A. No. This is a no risk fundraising project. If speculation occurs then the chance of loss also occurs. Your Distributor will be ordering a few extra wreaths for replacement of any wreaths that may be damaged during delivery.

Q. What is a double wreath?

A. A double wreath is one with boughs and decorations on both sides. They are especially suitable for hanging in a window or from a ceiling where both sides will be seen.

Q. Do we have to sell the wreaths at the suggested selling price?

A. No. The price you charge is up to you. The suggested selling price is only that -- suggested, but based on past experience.

Q. Can we collect the money from our customers at the time of the sale?

A. Yes. The sales order sheet is designed to handle that situation. It includes a space for balance amount due on delivery. Remember, attempting to collect money up front when you have no product in hand may lose you a sale, but if the customer offers it, don't refuse. Your Distributor does not and will not require you to make any deposit when you place your wreath order.

Q. How do we pick up the wreaths?

A. You will need, if possible, to have a couple of pickup trucks, vans, large station wagons, or trailers. Enclosed truck or trailer recommended. Remember these are wreaths. They are bulky and heavy in quantity. An order for 200 wreaths will weigh over 1,000 pounds. Don't forget that a 72" wreath is 6 feet in diameter.

Q. Who is our Distributor?

A. Your Distributor's name, address, and phone number is listed on the back page.

Q. Does our Distributor get an override on our sales?

A. Yes. There is a small override that the Distributor earns for coordinating the fundraising project among groups in your area. Your Distributor is responsible for: (1) informing you about the project; (2) providing you with the sales order sheets you need and the mailing labels you need for the mail order wreaths; (3) advising you on ways that might help you sell more wreaths; (4) answering your questions; (5) seeing that you get the wreaths you ordered; (6) keeping records of your order; and (7) collecting your payment.